Vitasoy North America | 2022 Lunar New Year Campaign

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To ring in the Chinese New Year, Vitasoy leaped into action with a playfully vibrant Year of the Tiger themed celebration of this important cultural holiday that combined both offline and online. To engage patrons in a fun, engaging way, an exclusive Augmented Reality filter was crafted that invited followers to discover what their fortune is for the Year of the Tiger and participate in a limited time giveaway as well as in-store redemption.

Prominent influencers within the U.S. and Canada jumped in with engaging content that further drove customers into their local Asian grocery stores and once they arrived, were greeted by large tiger paws on the floor that led to beautifully crafted pallet displays that showcased an assortment of tasty Vitasoy products.

Anyone lucky enough to join in the limited time giveaway and in-store redemption received Vitasoy branded face masks, insulated bags, and lunch bags to start the Chinese New Year with a roar!

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