TD Ameritrade - Lunar New Year Calendar

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Arguably the most important holiday to Asian and Asian American families, Lunar New Year is a time to honor tradition and celebrate with loved ones. To celebrate the 2020 Year of the Rat, we designed a special calendar for TD Ameritrade to share with their clients over the holiday.

The story of Lunar New Year cannot be told without the story of the zodiac. Each month takes the user through a portion of the zodiac race, calling out each of the twelve animals in their competition to the finish line.

In addition to the Chinese zodiac narrative, the holiday is a time to celebrate in hopes of a prosperous and fortunate year. To emphasize the message of prosperity, we hid icons for cultural holidays under red foil, inviting users to try their luck by scratching them off to see what’s underneath.

Interactivity and engagement were two key ideas when considering the design and user experience. We prototyped and designed a custom stand for calendar users, with easy assembly and usage from month to month.