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Toyota Unveils Futuristic Anime Series, ‘GRIP’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Toyota is boldly going where few carmakers have gone before: into the anime world.
The Japanese automotive brand is launching an all-new anime content series, centered around a “dashing protagonist who’s taking on the evil of soulless automated driving.” Titled GRIP, the five-episode series will be released weekly beginning on February 26 through GRIP.

Produced for Toyota by Long Beach-based marketing agency, Intertrend, GRIP riffs off the car brand’s popular Gazoo Racing motorsport division and its current roster of cars in an effort to appeal to a Gen-Z and young, Asian-American audience.

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Diversifying Portfolio Beyond Solely the Advertising Business


“When luck presents itself, you have to take it and run with it.” In an open and candid conversation with the “Leaders & Legacies” podcast, our CEO Julia Huang (@j_huang) shares the story of how a moment of unfiltered honesty led to the founding of Intertrend Communications. What happens when you stumble, the importance of sticking to your principles, and why she’s reluctant to take anyone out for lunch on Fridays – learn more about the fascinating path that Julia and Intertrend continue to forge.

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Before and after: See the stunning new murals from this year’s Long Beach Walls


The 8th annual Long Beach Walls and Art Renzei Festivals wrapped up last week with 12 new murals now adorning walls on local businesses, schools and parking structures across the city.

The weeklong festival (formerly known as POW! WOW! Long Beach) included a roster of international and regional artists who created vibrant works under the theme “Follow Your Bliss,” meant to encourage people to explore their passions and joy.

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Eyewitness News 7AM - Long Beach Mural Festival


Tomorrow the long beach mural festival will be kicking off. it's happening at the cove at the long beach convention center. notable international and local artists will come together to paint murals all over long beach until the 19th of august. there will be mural bike tours, outdoor installations, exhibitions and interactive events. the festival has been held in the city since 2015, adding over 100 murals to its collection of public art.

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Forbes Leadership - Intertrend CEO Julia Huang | 4 Ways To Build Workplace Culture Through Kindness


Kindness is emerging as a powerful force in today’s world—a crucial aspect of creating a better society, rather than just a way to candy-coat human connections. Genuine kindness is about actively listening to others, encouraging growth and being there for each other without judgment.

But kindness in business is often seen as a weakness. Many equate kindness to being soft, indecisive or incapable of delivering the best work. Traditional competitive business culture has become so pervasive that it has pressured us to believe that to be driven and excel, your mentality must be “every man or woman for themselves.”

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What Marketers Can Learn From the Rise in AAPI Cultural Appreciation


There are numerous opportunities to not only engage with consumers, but also to drive culture

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Asian American youth use art to raise awareness about mental health challenges


More than 300 students from more than 35 states submitted essays and various forms of artwork for the second annual Bring the Noise scholarship contest and exhibition. This year's focus was all about mental health and students submitted work that explored how they, as Asian American teens, can establish healthy self-journeys.

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Female Disruptors: Tanya Raukko of Intertrend On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry


Growth is outside of your comfort zone — This is so obvious, but oftentimes so difficult. We all shrink back into our comfortable ways, but consciously pushing into areas where you might feel less confident can yield amazing things.

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3D interactive art installation in Long Beach will celebrate Lunar New Year


This is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac, and Intertrend Communications will offer people a chance to hop out of the rabbit hole to celebrate Lunar New Year in Long Beach beginning later this week.

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What is polyculturalism and why is it important?


The Asian Detox Podcast

By PodCast - Julia Huang
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2022 Muse Awards - Toyota GR86 Faster Class Campaign


  • Advertising | Online AD (Campaign) - Platinum
  • Advertising | Advertising Campaign - Gold
  • Video | Animation - Platinum
  • Video | Cultural - Platinum
  • Video | Automotive - Platinum
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Welcoming Long Beach Public Library Foundation Board of Directors


Welcoming Julia Huang to the Board of Directors

By Long Beach Public Library Foundation
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Getty Center comes to Long Beach with weekend festival


One of Los Angeles County’s premier art museums, the Getty Center, will come to Long Beach this weekend as part of its 25th anniversary celebration.

The Getty + Long Beach Summer Festival will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 4-5, at Houghton Park, 6301 Myrtle Ave. It will be the third of 10 community festivals the Getty is sponsoring around Los Angeles County.

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Tiger Parenting, Leading While Asian, the Value of Mediocrity, Telling Asian Stories


miseducAsian Podcast

By PodCast - Tanya Raukko and Michael Vitug
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2022 City National Bank Entrepreneur of the Year


Congrats to our very own CEO for being recognized as the City National Bank Entrepreneur of the Year. "Be aware of the opportunities around you" When you see it, take advantage and appreciate it." - Julia Huang

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Lunar New Year Tiger display packs a punch at Edison Theatre


Intertrend, the Downtown Long Beach art-savvy communications agency, debuted its seventh Lunar New Year display today, an art installation that encourages pedestrians to pause and acknowledge the annual tradition celebrated across Asia.

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Toyota Returns to Manga Classic 'Initial D' for GR86 Launch


Drift driver Takumi Fujiwara, cartoon star of the seminal manga series Initial D from 1995 to 2013, gets back behind the wheel to hype Toyota's 2022 GR86 sports car.

Intertrend and director Annis Naeem created three brief anime-style films in Japanese with English subtitles.

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Books Read By Julia Huang


If you could recommend 3 books to anyone, what would they be?

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Industry Leaders Don’t Want to Talk About Anti-Asian Hate—They Want Something to Change


A Facebook and 3AF town hall focused on how brands can effectively support and take action with Julia Huang as one of the speakers

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POW! WOW! is back with new sculpture fest and 9 artists to paint new works over defaced murals


The sixth annual POW! WOW! Long Beach mural festival is gearing up for its return on Sept. 28 after a year-long pandemic-related hiatus and Intertrend, the Long Beach-based communications agency that organizes the event, has announced its featured artists.

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Check out the new Year of the Ox display for Lunar New Year at the Edison Theatre


Downtown Long Beach communications agency Intertrend is back with another Lunar New Year display, this time taking over the Edison Theatre’s façade with a special animation of “00X,” a charming secret agent take on the Chinese Ox zodiac sign.

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architecture for dogs unveils new project by asif kahn at japan house london exhibition


architecture for dogs has unveiled at the japan house london exhibition the 16th creative to join the project — UK-based architect asif khan

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Consumer Study on COVID-19


Strategic planning executives from Intertrend Communications share the results from a quantitative study they conducted during March and April about Asian Americans and COVID-19.

Tanya Raukko, Chief Strategy Officer, Intertrend
Anna Xie, Strategic Planning Director, Intertrend
Moderator- Cheryl Lee, Executive Director, Intertrend

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From artist David Choe to Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, this speaker series generates Unexpected Connections


Unexpected Connections, a Long Beach-born event series bringing together some of the world’s most inventive entrepreneurs, artists and industry leaders to share their ideas, is pivoting to a free, live-streamed fundraiser supporting creatives impacted by COVID-19

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Working From Home: How 3AF Members Are Getting It All Done During COVID-19


Cheryl Lee from Intertrend and Javier Ortiz from KTSF-TV (representing both an agency and media perspective) discuss tips and strategies for using technology while working from home; advice on how to virtually manage clients and well as motivate employees/teams; and obtaining the optimal balance of work and family life during these unprecedented times.

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Follow the paw prints to find this Year of the Rat installation in Downtown Long Beach


Lunar New Year - #SayCheese2020
Downtown Long Beach communications agency, Intertrend has created an installation for the Lunar New Year that encourages street-level interaction and acknowledgment of a tradition celebrated across Asia.

The project was designed by Daigo Daikoku | Sr. Art Director and concepted by Aaron Yang | Associated Creative Director

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3AF 2019 Summit


Branding Toyota in the Asian American Community

By Speaker Joe Min
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'the art of bloom' brings a responsive shower of floral petals to long beach


Creative agency intertrend presents the opening of ‘the art of bloom’ — an immersive and interactive experience centered on the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. created in collaboration with Daigo Daikoku and Daikoku Design Institute — the work engages the common perception of flowers as symbolic vessels.

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Women Visionaries: Julia Huang -interTrend Communications


After its fourth year, 73 large, colorful works of art cover otherwise empty and wasted wall space throughout the city thanks to the POW! WOW! Long Beach festival. The history of the art festival in Long Beach can be traced back to a single individual with an idea – Julia Huang

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On Tuesday, February 13, interTrend Communications will reveal their annual Lunar New Year installation on the first floor of their headquarters at The Psychic Temple. This year celebrates Year of the Dog.

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Toyota Lunar New Year Tailgate Challenge


Intertrend and Toyota are sponsoring the “Lunar New Year Tailgate Challenge” on “The Dave Chang Show,” a food and culture podcast hosted by Korean American chef and owner of restaurant Momofuku David Chang, to curate a football-inspired fried chicken challenge in celebration of both Lunar New Year and Super Bowl weekend. The first of three parts will be released on Monday, Feb. 12.

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The Renaissance of Long Beach, CA


Massive stacks of shipping containers and miles of rows of cranes composed inside a thriving port. Pristine sands and a lighthouse by the water along a bustling public beach. These are a few of the images you may think of when you envision the city of Long Beach, CA. But Long Beach is quickly becoming known as one of the world’s foremost convergences for art. Particularly murals. This year Long Beach Walls brought over 18 art installations to the city. The event now a familiar staple of the summertime festivities.

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Art Renzei and Long Beach Walls festival has brought more than 100 murals (and counting) to Long Beach


Step into a world of artistic wonder with Long Beach Walls and Art Renzei, a captivating festival that has graced Long Beach since 2015 with over 100 stunning murals. Discover a vibrant city transformed by this annual event, inviting you to explore your passions through a kaleidoscope of new murals and creative expressions. This year's theme, "Follow your Bliss," sets the stage for an array of festivities, including parties, ceremonies, pop-ups, bike tours, beachside movies, and enlightening artist talks. Drawing talents from around the globe, this festival infuses local walls with global artistry, creating a tapestry that honors culture and community, turning what were once tagged walls into sources of local pride.

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Leading Without a Playbook – An Interview with Julia Y.C. Huang


As a leader, how do you forge forward in a post-pandemic world when there is no longer a play book on how work is “supposed” to go? That’s the question we explore with Julia Y.C. Huang in this podcast episode.

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Nike Releases Limited Run of ‘Gold Mountain’ Dunks to Celebrate AAPI Month


NIKE IS CELEBRATING AAPI month with the launch of a new hi-top sneaker that celebrates the legacy of Asian Americans in fashion, sports and culture. Creative agency Intertrend, whose founder and CEO Julia Huang was on hand to help kick off the evening. Huang says she’s been inspired to see more and more Asian Americans breaking through stereotypes and finding success — something she wanted to celebrate and promote.

“Our journey to be part of The Golden Generation Dinner was paved with a significant amount of serendipity,” Huang tells Rolling Stone. “Motivated by a desire to celebrate this year’s Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month in a unique way, we aimed to showcase and gather notable Asian American figures in art, culture, and entertainment, all actively advocating for the AAPI community. We envisioned an event transcending a momentary celebration to spotlight a generational shift that emphasizes the profound impact of Asian Americans on our societal fabric.”

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Chef Brandon Jew Is Redefining Asian Tradition In The Most Delicious Way


There’s love in community, too, which has become crucial during the uptick in anti-Asian rhetoric and racist crime. This need to band together and seek comfort in the familiar was the impetus for Chef Brandon’s most recent event, which was a collaboration with Intertrend, a creative agency that helps brands better understand reach Asian American audiences; and streetwear house, the Darkside Initiative. The Chinese banquet-style event, called the Golden Generation dinner, hosted artists and other prominent community members in the Bay Area. Chef Brandon’s hope is that through the gathering the larger AAPI community and its allies, we can foster support and strategy to combat anti-Asian violence.

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Creative Class Collective uplifts Long Beach’s artistic community


From Long Beach Walls to Art Renzei, Creative Class Collective is an organization behind numerous art initiatives in Long Beach.

While the organization formalized around 2018 or 2019, these initiatives have been ongoing for decades, explained director Cassandra Leeman.

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City, business leaders pledge to grow 100 startups in Long Beach over next 5 years


Eight government and private entities have partnered on the initiative, including the city’s Economic Development Department, Sunstone Management, Imprint Venture Labs, the Long Beach Center for Economic Inclusion, the Long Beach Accelerator, the CSULB Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Long Beach Economic Partnership. The Sunstone Community Fund will provide the money for the program.

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LA Times - Most Inspirational Women


Finalist : Julia Huang

By LA Times
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Recipe For Change brought together some of L.A.’s most revered chefs including Suzanne Tracht, Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Feniger, Nancy Silverton, Vanda Asapahu, Lissa Doumani and Hiro Sone to raise funds and awareness for #MakeNoiseToday on Thursday at Japan House Los Angeles.

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Long Beach Walls returns with a new name, same wow factor


Long Beach Walls is one facet of World Wide Walls, the global organization whose goal it is to “bring art and culture to public spaces by beautifying the city while cultivating community pride.” The organization has connected with 13 cities around the world, though Long Beach is one of its oldest collaborators.

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An Interview With Ming Zhao


Women Of The C-Suite: Julia Huang Of Intertrend Communications On The Five Things You Need To Succeed As A Senior Executive

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‘Letters To' Exhibit Showcases Inspirational Essays


The exhibit is in Long Beach through the end of August.

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“Turning Red” Director Domee Shi Featured in New Toyota Commercial


Toyota has brought Turning Red director, Domee Shi, from behind the camera to co-star with the first-ever Corolla Cross.
Toyota describes the Corolla Cross as having “the right amount of more. More space, more tech, and more style that’s perfect for those who are on the road to accomplishing many “firsts” in their lives.”

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Toyota’s All-New 2022 Tundra is ‘Born For This’


The All-New Tundra Campaign is Toyota’s Largest U.S. Launch To Date

By Toyota Newsroom
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Toyota’s First-Ever Corolla Cross Feels ‘Just Right’ in New Campaign


The All-New 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross is Perfect for Every Turn in Life

By Toyota Newsroom
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Intertrend announces Make Noise Today: Recipe for Change campaign in collaboration with Toyota


New series of editorial films feature Eddie Huang and notable chefs preparing meals for older adults, essential workers and others impacted by COVID-19

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Toyota and Queer Eye’s Tan France Surprise Essential Workers With New Wardrobes


A 5-episode series celebrates individuals while also promoting the automaker’s latest Sienna model

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Facebook at Advertising Week 2021


Amplifying API Voices in the Industry

By Speaker - Tanya Raukko
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Professional artists connect with students to create and exchange messages of hope on envelopes


"Couriers of Hope" is a virtual art exhibit that connects professional artists from 10 Southern California museums and galleries, with hundreds of art students. Using envelopes as canvases, they were asked to express images of "hope", a poignant reminder that digital isn't the only way to communicate.

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Intertrend Founder-CEO Julia Huang on prejudices she's endured as a Taiwanese American and how she's helping to combat spiking hate crimes

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3AF 2020 Summit


East Meets West: Unpacking the Asian American Bicultural Experience

By Speaker - Chery Lee
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UC2020 — John C. Jay and Sarah Andelman


Unexpected connections are the simplest way of describing creativity. In its most basic form, it’s pattern recognition, and at its most complex, it’s a tangled web that humans have become surprisingly great at deconstructing. As an event series, Unexpected Connections brings together inventive people thinking across industries and bringing positive change — all those who are seeing, making, and facilitating unexpected connections.

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Social Media Campaign Blends Culture and Food to Fight Anti-Asian Hate


The "#MakeNoiseToday" campaign engages influencers and foodies to celebrate Asian culture while fighting hate.

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Japan House Los Angeles displays exquisite furniture handcrafted in the Hida region


Japan House Los Angeles displays exquisite furniture handcrafted in the Hida region
Exhibition designer Daigo Daikoku interspersed woodworking tools and untreated wood samples throughout to underscore the work’s deep connection to handicraft.

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The ubiquitous Toyota commercials you see on social media and other parts of the internet, as well as the popularity of the brand in the Asian American community, share a common denominator: each has been impacted, in no small part, by a design and advertising company in Long Beach, California called interTrend. LA Car’s Ami Pascual Spear set out to learn why and engaged with its founder and CEO, Julia Huang.

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Join us for the first-ever Toyota Hybrid Carnival, a 4-day event experience you won't want to miss. Visitors will be entertained from the moment they arrive and through a sequence of immersive environments, showcasing the fun and style of Toyota hybrid vehicles while giving ample opportunities to capture shareable moments.

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This immersive exhibit uses your senses to change its reality


The Art of Bloom is an immersive exhibition in Long Beach, L.A., featuring floral petal showers and augmented reality

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Meet Julia Huang of InterTrend Communications, ImprintLab and Pivot


Today we’d like to introduce you to Julia Huang.

Creating a Vision Julia Huang has an ability to provide a creative vision in areas others can’t see potential for opportunity.

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OPENING REMARKS — Revisiting Unexpected Connections with Julia Huang and John Maeda


In case you weren’t able to join us at Long Beach, we present select talks from the day, beginning with the event’s opening remarks by Intertrend’s Founder and President Julia Huang and John Maeda, technologist and head of inclusion and computational design at Automatic, WordPress’ parent company. Together the two share the stage and unpack John’s own insights over creativity and how he sees the world after a bad accident.

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