The Art of Bloom

The Art of BloomLab

The Art of Bloom is Long Beach’s first immersive pop-up exhibit. We collaborated with Daikoku Design Institute to create this one of a kind experience. We noticed a trend in Instagram-fueled pop-ups, but wanted to create an installation that was more substantial in meaning. Subsequently, we fell on the theme of Symbiosis for this debut installation and focused on the special relationship between humans and nature. With real flowers, light, and AR interactions that blend both the physical and digital, The Art of Bloom gives participants the opportunity to connect with nature in an elevated environment. Through this multi-sensory installation, showers of flower petals, light, aroma, and sound will awaken your senses and create a meditative space to connect to a deeper state of mind. Come ready to explore, reflect, and completely submerge yourself in The Art of Bloom. Website

Project Lead: Cassandra Leeman | Executive Director
Art & Creative Direction: Daigo Daikoku | Sr. Art Director
AR Development Partner: RUMU Innovation