Toyota Tacoma: “The Tailgate Challenge”

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (TMNA)Brands

The Toyota Tacoma campaign partnered with the renowned chef David Chang to bring "The Tailgate Challenge" to life. This exciting event merged the energy of the Super Bowl with the rich traditions of Lunar New Year, celebrating the achievements of the AANHPI community in both sports and culinary arts. Celebrity chef David Chang, NFL star Jordan Mailata, and acclaimed chefs Brandon Jew and Nico de Leon came together to create and judge innovative tailgate recipes inspired by their cultural backgrounds.

Hosted at the Media Center in Mandalay Bay, the chefs prepared bold and unexpected dishes, which were then judged by Mailata. This unique culinary challenge was documented through three engaging podcast episodes on the Dave Chang Show, available on Spotify and the LG Channel. The episodes not only showcased the chefs' creativity but also highlighted their personal journeys and the spirit of daring and success in their fields.

The campaign achieved remarkable reach, touching 404.8 million people and generating $5 million in earned publicity. Social media played a crucial role, with posts and reels reaching millions and garnering substantial engagement. The podcasts were a huge success, with 665.7K downloads, further amplifying Toyota's message of mobility and innovation.

By leveraging David Chang's extensive media presence and his ability to connect food, sports, and culture, Toyota was able to engage a diverse and broad audience. The campaign effectively spotlighted Toyota's commitment to celebrating cultural heritage and excellence in unexpected and dynamic ways.