Toyota - Hybrid CARnival


Asians have historically seen hybrids as efficient, reliable vehicles. But did you know that Toyota's hybrids are stylish, fun and capable? That's exactly what we wanted to show with our Toyota Hybrid CARnival. A 4-day extravaganza at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles filled with hybrids, food, entertainment and prizes. This once-in-a-lifetime experience showcased Toyota hybrids in various settings to highlight their stylish, fun and capable sides. At one moment, you're in the Future Metropolis watching the Camry Hybrid riding through a futuristic city that's being projection mapped behind the vehicle. Then you're suddenly transported to Higher Ground, where a beautiful outdoor scene utilizes augmented reality to enhance your camping experience with the Highlander Hybrid. Lastly, you're in the Seaside Strand where the Prius and RAV4 Hybrid offered more fun challenges. This event showcased that there's a lot more to the hybrid than meets the eye.