Toyota: “Grip” Season 1

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Toyota launched its launched its first-ever original anime series, "GRIP." This campaign aims to redefine how young audiences perceive Toyota. "GRIP" is a high-octane series featuring Toyota's Gazoo Racing (GR) cars as the protagonists.

The series utilizes classic Japanese anime to tell a story about the human spirit's fight against the dominance of autonomous vehicles. Each episode clocks in at around a minute, with the finale being slightly longer. The series follows Jae, a determined driver, and his crew as they resist the control of Dr. Synth, who leads a powerful tech company that's replaced driving with self-driving cars.

"GRIP" leverages the global popularity of anime to showcase Toyota's GR brand in a fresh and unexpected way. The series promises intricate storylines, hidden details, and a commitment to long-term development - all with the goal of building a lasting connection with younger consumers. "Partners like Intertrend understand our audience," said Joe Moses, VP of marketing at Toyota. "The 'GRIP' series not only highlights the excitement of GR cars but also tells a captivating story that resonates with younger demographics."

Impressive Results
17,071,930 impressions delivered
105% overall campaign delivery
$13,895.26 value of overdelivery
25,271 total clicks driven
+9% pt increase in perception of Toyota as “unexpected”