Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 | Just Right


The Corolla Cross is a crossover vehicle that has the right amount of everything for young Asian Americans. It has the right amount of space, tech and style that enables them to move up in the world and impress their peers.

To help launch the campaign, we tapped into this notion highlighting the vehicle’s available all-wheel drive capabilities, cargo space and seamless style.

In “Showtime,” a man picks up his cousin from the airport, who has come to America for the first time. Looking to impress his cousin, he takes him to a one-of-a-kind view of the Northern Lights, an experience that is equally as unique as the Corolla Cross.

In “Picture Perfect,” a content creator couple looks to amaze their followers with the help of the Corolla Cross. Through every turn of their drive, the couple, their dogs and the Corolla Cross are in perfect sync to the beat of the music.