New Community Hub in Downtown Long Beach - Psychic Temple and Edison Theater


Intertrend Creates New Community Engagement Hub in Downtown Long Beach

Intertrend, a prominent communications agency, has taken the initiative to establish a dynamic community engagement hub, fostering collaboration and revitalization in the area. With a strategic focus on thoughtful engagement, Intertrend aims to bring together civic leaders, business owners, social enterprises, visitors, and creative innovators to create a thriving downtown.

The hub finds its home in the historic Psychic Temple, a century-old building that serves as Intertrend's headquarters. Under the creative vision of Senior Art Director, Daigo Daikoku, a new 2,000 sqft multipurpose room has been designed within the Psychic Temple. This versatile space will serve as a hub for workshops, lectures, cooking events, filming activities, social gatherings, and other productive community engagements.

Daigo Daikoku has also lent his expertise to the redesign of the first-floor space in the Edison Theater. This area will be utilized for a variety of events, including music performances, lectures, exhibitions, and more. The flexibility of this space allows Intertrend to explore emerging technologies, foster creativity through community engagement, forge collaborative partnerships, host unique experiences, and support venture incubation.

In addition to its traditional creative agency services, Intertrend extends its offerings through two platforms: Intertrend LAB and Intertrend Plus. These programs further support innovation, partnership development, and increased opportunities within the community.

Daigo Daikoku shares his thoughts, saying, "The Psychic Temple and Edison Theater hold immense historical significance, having been gathering places for people in Long Beach for over a century. Building upon that rich history, we have designed a space that is open, welcoming, and serves as a cultural base to revitalize the local community and promote cultural dissemination."

This exciting initiative by Intertrend not only celebrates the heritage of Downtown Long Beach but also paves the way for a vibrant and inclusive future. The community engagement hub promises to be a catalyst for creativity, collaboration, and positive change, empowering the community to thrive and flourish.

Creative Direction - Daigo Daikoku | Sr. Art Director
Project Management and Producer - Flo Kuraoka | Director of Facility