What Marketers Can Learn From the Rise in AAPI Cultural Appreciation

05-24-2023Joe Min

In the past few years, the entertainment spotlight has turned to the AAPI community, and momentum is continuing to build for Asian-centric stories, films, music and entertainment. We have seen Everything Everywhere All at Once, Nomadland and Parasite win the Academy Award for Best Picture. We have also witnessed the growing influence and popularity of K-pop music, K-dramas and Asian films across the globe.

This is an incredibly exciting time for brand marketers.

As Toyota’s agency of record for AAPI consumer segments, we are always on the lookout for emerging cultural trends. When we started work for Toyota back in 2004, K-pop and K-drama were still niche subcultures in America. But we began to integrate them into our brand efforts and continue to do so today in other multicultural segments.

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