Not Your Typical Asian

07-30-2021Derek Escano

Numbers has always been Derek's worst enemy and a problem like the one above, has him dumbfounded. He has always had difficulties with this subject when it should come naturally to him. At least that is what most of society and the majority of Asians would say. Read full article HERE of Derek's journey to now him being able to proudly introduce himself - My name is Derek Katsumi Escano. I’m not a stereotypical Asian. I’m not great at math. I’m an Account Executive at an amazing agency named Intertrend and I am surrounded by peers who I would say are a unique breed of Asians like me. We may not have conformed to the customary professions society or other Asians expect of us, but we are passionate about our industry. We excel in communication, creativity, and connecting with others. I am finally with my people.