Leveraging the Power of Music to Connect With Asian Americans & Beyond

Victoria Luong

Asian Americans have a deep connection and appreciation for their culture that transcends generations. Asian American culture is hard to define since this group is so diverse, but they come together in their shared love of food, fashion, and one universal cultural connector: music.

“There is no doubt that the power of music can offer comfort, inspiration, and create community. Pandora conducting the Asian American User Study with Intertrend further reinforces that. As we continue to see people of all ethnicities groove to the beat of K-Pop, Bollywood, C-Pop and Japanese Techno, it is hard to find a more powerful cultural connector than music that transcends all racial barriers.” — Julia Huang, President & CEO ofIntertrend Communications

Pandora and Intertrend are here to help you connect with the Asian American audience. Let us know how we can be of service to you.

About Intertrend Communications

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