How Many ?

02-26-2021Julia Y. Huang

When the pandemic hit us last year and our staff began to experience some incidents of Asian racism, we started an initiative called Make Noise Today. At that time, we felt that the best approach to combat racism was to take control of our own narratives to create empathy - the idea of Narrative Plenitude - that as Asians we don't all fit a single story and we need to bust ourselves out of Narrative Scarcity.

Tragically, we are still seeing unprecedented violence against Asian Americans. Most of the time, I am angry, but also feel helpless. We have been thinking very hard about what more we can do as a company and as individuals. We're starting with buying full page ads in major newspapers around the country to bring outrage to the forefront and raise awareness. We are also partnering with Alchemy Media with a series of wild postings in high traffic areas in major cities. We cannot let violence against Asian Americans be merely another headline during a news cycle that quickly dissipates, and I truly believe that to make change we all must stand up and unite against any kind of racism.

If you see our ad in the NYTimes and LATimes with posters in cities around the country, please consider amplifying our message by sharing it. If you're asking yourself how you can help stop Asian hate, here are some resources we encourage you to take action and learn more from.

We must #StopAsianHate.