Everything you wanted to know about NFTs but didn’t know who to ask

02-28-2022Farah Aslam

Farah is a card-carrying member of the Sandwich Generation. She saw typewriters morph into heavy-duty desktop computers, to the sleek MacBook Air she currently uses. She have used dial up internet (over a landline phone, mind you) and now have 5G on her cell phone. She was the first in her family to own a credit card, but can’t remember the last time she walked inside a brick and mortar bank building.

Farah's generation has done it both ways — the old way, and now we’re doing it the new way.

The last few years however, we all have been running to keep up. Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, NFTs, Bitcoin, the world is throwing terms at us faster than we can wrap our head around them. The millennials want to hang out in the Metaverse. While no one really knows what the Metaverse will actually look like, Farah's article in Q&A format might be a good place to start.

Full article of the Q&A HERE