Asian-Americans in Hollywood: Late 2010’s and Beyond, A Golden Age of Representation

11-19-2021Charissa Yuen

Throughout the "Asian-Americans in Hollywood" series, we’ve looked at the history of Asian-Americans in Hollywood. From the blatant racism and yellowface of the early 1900s to microaggressions and Whitewashing into the 2000s. The journey of Asian representation in big budget Hollywood movies has not been smooth, to say the least.

However, despite its rocky path, Asian-Americans have persisted and pushed to see change in not only Hollywood movies, but also in society. The Asian community is finally speaking up and making ourselves known as a force to be reckoned with, and this change is evident in the film industry. Up until around 2018, Asian-American representation in Hollywood movies was slim and there was little diversity in the Asian characters we did see on screen. The Asian characters that did exist, however, often showed little to no ties to their Asian identity or were based on harmful stereotypes. This all changed in 2018, where the overwhelming success of a few Asian-lead movies turned the tides and showed Hollywood that our voices matter. In this piece, we’ll be looking primarily at East Asian representation, and while there have been great strides, there is still lots of progress to be made for non-East Asian representation. Read full article HERE

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