90 Percent of NFTs in the Market Will Disappear Within a Month

04-04-2022Sam Kuo

Sam Kuo got involved in the business of Blockchain sometime around the end of 2021. His design studio Boring Lab was asked to help launch the first-ever NFT for a Taiwanese event: All-Star Sports Day. For its purpose, The All-Star Sports Day NFT application focused on audience interaction and the studio used the event as a platform, taking the All-Star Sports Day audiences along the way for their NFT journey.

This experience encouraged Sam to explore the world of NFT investment. He first invested in the NFT- Azuki with a few friends and witnessed it go from 1 ETH to 14 ETH. Sam took a chance and flipped it by exchanging it to Hape Prime, only to see it decrease in its value to 3 ETH. With such experience of volatility under his belt, Sam can confidently predict that 90% of the NFTs in the market will be worthless and disappear within a month. Full article of his thought of why.